Select Page We all know that we should remove makeup and cleanse our skin before hopping in bed. I love oil cleansing for this reason, it’s gentle and nourishing, while really pulling makeup, dirt, and yes, oil, off of your face. Oils break down everything that the removing wipe left behind, like mascara residue between lashes, so you don’t wake up with raccoon eyes even after you took your makeup off.

Now, I put a lot of shit on my face, but I’m not one of those girls with a 12-step skin care routine. Shout out to them, seriously: It’s just that I’m usually getting home at three a.m. and I want to hit the sack as fast as possible. Instead, I use some killer night products that give me great results so I can achieve great skin while I sleep.

First, retinol. Your skin cells regenerate while you’re asleep, so a product with retinol will help stimulate cell regeneration, giving you newer skin, meaning brighter skin with more even tone, faster. Secondly, hydration. It’s quite simple, really: Hydrated skin is healthy skin. More important, hydrated skin looks amazing always, so it’s good to give your skin a big drink of the good stuff while you sleep. We’ll get to that later. First, take a look at my skin — I told you there’s a reason to trust me.